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Dubai To Kolkata Flights

Dubai To Kolkata Flights for Comfortable Travel Across the Border

Dubai To Kolkata Flights

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West Bengal and Kolkata in particular is famous across India for its rich art and culture. The city served as the capital of India during colonial times and is often referred to as the ‘’cultural capital of India.’’ The city is a major business center of eastern India and is home to a wide range of IT-SEZ and IT park. In recent years, due to warm and friendly relations between India and UAE, many professionals from eastern India travel to Dubai from Kolkata.

Trading ties between Dubai and Kolkata have considerably increased over the last two decades. If you intend to visit Dubai on a trip from Kolkata, then booking Dubai to Kolkata flights online will make things easier for you. Here are some details of the Dubai to Kolkata flights: -

Flight charge

The Kolkata to Dubai flights are available in Jet Airways, The Emirates, Qatar Airways and Air India. There are more than 100 flights that commute everyday between Kolkata to Dubai. There are flights with stoppage as well as nonstop flights. The flight schedule at the Netaji Subhas International Airport are 1.55 am,7 am ,7 pm, 10.05 am etc. The lowest price for economy class is around Rs 12000 while the highest price is about Rs 40000. The minimum price for the business class is around Rs 30000 while the highest is around Rs 70000. The Kolkata to Dubai flight ticket fares are available at a low price when they are booked in advance before the trip. Booking tickets at the last moment may lead to a higher price.

In-Flight Entertainment

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Dining facilities

Dine like a king when you board the Kolkata to Dubai flights. Travelers commuting between Kolkata and Dubai can choose from an assortment of cuisines. Enjoy the culinary tastes of India, a nation with a glorious past, a rich and diverse cultural heritage, one of the earliest civilizations and nature’s bounty. A home to the Aryans, Moguls, Arabs, Portuguese, French and British, Indian cuisine is vast and diverse.

Savor the refined taste of food from the different regions of India. The recipes here are prepared by accomplished chefs with years of experience in the hospitality industry. Indian cuisine offers a wide range of flavors and unique tastes. The distinct recipes have descended down the generations from different regions and communities. Each of these districts has its unique flavor that ranges from sharp to subtle.


From movies to TV shows and business news, the latest on-demand in-flight entertainment is available at your fingertips. The flights commuting between Kolkata and Dubai have their own personal 15.4-inch, touch screen LCD TV. Popcorn and snacks are also available in order to ensure a memorable movie experience. The Premiere cabin of the flight has a revolutionary lie-flat bed which is surrounded with a wall of privacy and personal space. You will treasure this flight journey for years to come and cherish its memories in the long run.